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Other: Survey on Use of Tobacco Products in IQOS Users
Other: Survey on Use of Tobacco Products in the General Population

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The main purpose of the research study is to estimate the prevalence of tobacco product use and describe the tobacco use patterns in adults in London, United Kingdom. The study was prematurely terminated after the first annual survey and was not be repeated due to the impossibility to recruit sufficient participants to meet the target sample size in the IQOS user sample.

Full description

The aim of the survey is to describe the current and past patterns of use of tobacco products in the general adult population of the Greater London area and in adult IQOS users registered in the IQOS user database of Philip Morris Limited (UK IQOS User Database), and explore their association with key independent variables. More specifically, the objectives are: Estimate the prevalence of current tobacco use status in the study population. Describe the past tobacco use status (cigarette, IQOS and other innovative products, including e-cigarettes) in the study population (i.e. never-use, initiation, product use transition, cessation, re-initiation, and relapse). Explore the association between self-reported health status and use of tobacco products in the study population. Explore the association between patterns of IQOS use including motivation to use, mis-use, satisfaction, and self-reported changes since switching to the product (in a number of domains where IQOS may have potential benefits), and consumer's satisfaction in the population of IQOS users in the Greater London area registered in UK IQOS User Database.


6,116 patients




18+ years old


Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion Criteria (all participants, including IQOS users):

  • Legally permitted to buy tobacco products in UK (≥18 years of age).
  • Currently residing in the Greater London area.
  • Able to read, write and understand English.
  • Consent to participate in the survey

Inclusion Criteria (IQOS users only):

  • Has used more than 100 HEETS tobacco sticks in his or her lifetime.
  • Is currently using IQOS.
  • Has access to the internet.
  • Is not currently employed by Philip Morris International or any of its affiliates

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Not meeting the inclusion criteria

Trial design

6,116 participants in 2 patient groups

General Population
Adults living in a registered household in the Greater London area.
Other: Survey on Use of Tobacco Products in the General Population
IQOS users
Adult current IQOS users (at the time of survey) living in the Greater London area who are registered in the UK IQOS User Database and agree to be contacted for research purposes at the time of registration.
Other: Survey on Use of Tobacco Products in IQOS Users

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Luis Prieto, PhD

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