Effects of Preparing Parents To Participate In Their Child's Care In The Recovery Room

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Behavioral: Standard pre-operative preparation
Behavioral: "You and your child in the recovery room" DVD

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The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of a preoperative educational DVD on parents' knowledge acquisition, participation and anxiety related to their child's care in the recovery room (RR). It also aimed at evaluating the DVD in terms of children's postoperative distress, pain, analgesic requirements and length of recovery.

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Following the development of a validated preoperative educational Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) for parents, a randomized clinical trial, with a pre-test-post-test control group, was conducted on 123 French or English speaking parent-child dyads whose child was aged from 3 to 10 years and underwent an ear-nose-throat (ENT) or dental same day surgery at a Canadian pediatric hospital. The parents in the control group received the standard preoperative preparation (verbal and written information about hospital procedures and the hospital's surgical virtual tour). The parents in the experimental group viewed the DVD and received the standard preoperative preparation. Parents and children were videotaped in the recovery room; parental participation and children's distress were measured using observational scales. A validated multiple choice questionnaire was used to measure parents' knowledge acquisition, whereas a visual analogue scale allowed parents to report their anxiety level prior to, during and after their stay in the recovery room. A chart review was conducted to collect data on children's postoperative pain, analgesic requirements and length of recovery. In order to assess the effect of the DVD on parents and their child, T-test, chi-square analyses and repeated measures ANOVAs were conducted among 105 dyads.


105 patients




3 to 10 years old


Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion criteria

  • Parents speaking, reading and communicating to their child in english or french
  • Parents who consented to participating in the study
  • Parents who had a child aged 3 to 10 years who underwent a day surgery of the ENT type (an adenoidectomy or an amygdalectomy or a combination of both) or of the dental type (a dental exam under general anesthesia or an extraction or a dental repair under general anesthesia) were part of the sampling

Exclusion criteria

  • The parents and the children who did not fit the eligibility criterias were excluded from the study.
  • The parents who completed the consent form and questionnaires before the day of the surgery and who did the pre-surgical preparation, but who did not accompany the child in the recovery room were not part of the study.
  • Also excluded, children who presented post-anesthetic complications (ex.: respiratory distress, hemorrhage, severe emotional distress, etc.).
  • Children presenting surgical complications (ex.: cardio-respiratory distress and hemorrhage) were also excluded from the study.

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Interventional model

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Triple Blind

105 participants in 2 patient groups, including a placebo group

Pre-operative educational DVD preparation
Experimental group
After their pre-assessment clinic (PAC) appointment, parents in the intervention group took the hospital's 20 minute surgical virtual tour in the hospital's family library. Parents in the intervention group also watched the 12 minute DVD entitled, "You and Your Child in the RR". This pre-operative educational tool was developed and tested in a previous study (Chartrand 2014). It was designed to enable parents to gain knowledge about the equipment and procedures related to the RR, and about nurses' and parents' roles in supporting their child in the RR. The DVD also focused on potential reactions of children waking up after a general anesthesia and strategies parents can use to support their child in the RR. The DVD included images of RR equipment and positive nurse-family and parent-child interactions.
Behavioral: "You and your child in the recovery room" DVD
Behavioral: Standard pre-operative preparation
Standard pre-operative preparation
Placebo Comparator group
After their PAC appointment, parents in the control groups took the hospital's 20 minute surgical virtual tour in the hospital's family library.
Behavioral: Standard pre-operative preparation

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