Exploratory Study to Evaluate an Occlusion Based Dentifrice in Relief of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

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Phase 2


Dentine Hypersensitivity


Drug: 0% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice
Drug: Sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice
Drug: Sodium fluoride dentifrice
Drug: 5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/ sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice

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Details and patient eligibility


The purpose of this exploratory study is to compare the treatment effect on dentinal hypersensitivity of a tubule occluding dentifrice as measured by Schiff and Tactile sensitivity. This proof of concept study will compare the test dentifrice with three other treatment groups.

Full description

This will be a single center, eight week, randomized, controlled, examiner blind, four treatment arm, parallel design, stratified (by maximum baseline Schiff Sensitivity Score of the two selected test teeth), exploratory study in participants with at least two sensitive teeth that meet all the criteria at the Screening and Baseline visit. Participants will be assessed at Baseline, four and eight weeks to monitor clinical efficacy and safety.


140 patients




18 to 55 years old


No Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion criteria

  1. Participants between 18 and 55 years of age, in good general health, with pre-existing self-reported and clinically diagnosed tooth sensitivity are required for entry into the study
  2. Participants will be required to have at least four teeth with facial/cervical erosion, abrasion and/or gingival recession which respond to qualifying evaporative (air) assessment at the Screening visit and have at least two teeth (incisors, canines or pre-molars) demonstrating signs of sensitivity, measured by qualifying tactile threshold (Yeaple ≤ 20 gram (g)) and evaporative (air) (Schiff Sensitivity Score ≥ 2) assessments at the Baseline visit

Exclusion criteria

  1. Pregnancy: Women who are known to be pregnant or who are intending to become pregnant over the duration of the study.
  2. Breast-feeding: Women who are breast-feeding.
  3. Medical History: a) Chronic debilitating disease is present b) Chronic disease or other condition is present that is associated with intermittent episodes or constant daily pain, such as arthritis, low back pain, dysmenorrhea, etc.
  4. Medications: Daily doses of medication, which in the opinion of the investigator, might interfere with the perception of pain, are being taken. Examples of such medications include analgesics, anticonvulsants, antihistamines that cause marked or moderate sedation, sedatives, tranquilizers, mood-altering and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  5. Dentition Exclusions: a) Sensitive teeth not expected to respond to treatment with an over-the- counter dentifrice in the opinion of the investigator. b) Teeth with exposed dentine but with deep, defective or facial restorations, teeth used as abutments for fixed or removable partial dentures, teeth with full crowns, orthodontic bands, extensive caries or cracked enamel. Sensitive teeth with contributing etiologies other than erosion, abrasion or recession of exposed dentine. c) Dental professional hygiene (includes dental prophylaxis, irrigation, and intensive anti-microbial/anti-biotic therapy) within 14 days of the screening visit. d) Presence of dental implants. e) Lip or tongue piercings. f) Periodontal surgical history within the past 6 months or have been scaled /root planed within the past 3 months.
  6. Allergy/Intolerance: Known or suspected intolerance or hypersensitivity to the study materials (or closely related compounds) or any of their stated ingredients.
  7. Clinical Study/Experimental Medication: a) Participation in another clinical study or receipt of an investigational drug within 30 days of the screening visit b) Previous participation in this study.
  8. Other: Any subject who in the opinion of the investigator, should not participate in the study.

Trial design

Primary purpose




Interventional model

Parallel Assignment


Double Blind

140 participants in 4 patient groups

5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/sodium monofluorophosphate
Experimental group
Dentifrice containing 5.0% w/w calcium sodium phosphosilicate with sodium monofluorophosphate containing 1500 parts per million fluoride (ppmF).
Drug: 5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/ sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice
0% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/sodium monofluorophosphate
Active Comparator group
Dentifrice containing 0% w/w calcium sodium phosphosilicate and 1500ppmF as sodium monofluorophosphate
Drug: 0% calcium sodium phosphosilicate/sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice
Sodium monofluorophosphate
Active Comparator group
Dentifrice containing 1000 ppmF as sodium monofluorophosphate
Drug: Sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice
Sodium fluoride
Active Comparator group
Dentifrice containing 1100 ppmF as sodium fluoride
Drug: Sodium fluoride dentifrice

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