Factors Affecting the Prognosis of Patients With Endometrial Cancer


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Endometrial Cancer

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Endometrial cancer is the second common gynecologic malignancy in Taiwan. The prevalence has been overcome the epithelial ovarian cancer because of the change of life style to western style recently. Most patients with endometrial cancer are stage I & II, the most histology is still "endometrioid adenocarcinoma" (type I endometrial cancer). In statistics, advanced stage (FIGO stage III and IV) is approximately 16% of all cases. Most patients has good outcome of endometrial cancer because their surgical stage is belonged to "early stage". However, the recurrence, distant metastases and mortality are high if the diseases is confirmed to be advanced stage. The adjuvant therapies after staging/debulking operation are systemic chemotherapy and whole pelvic radiation therapy/ brachytherapy. Whether the adjuvant therapy can cure the disease of not is still controversial. Because of the rarity of the advanced endometrial cancer, varies adjuvant therapeutic modalities, eg. chemotherapy only, pelvic radiation therapy only, combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy or sequential "sandwich" therapy were ever used for such group patients in each medical center. But the case number is insufficient and limited to show the survival or progression free benefit during the statistics. Besides, the surgical procedures and adjuvant therapy for early endometrial cancer is still remained to be determined. The investigators are also interested to analyze the factors affecting their survival. The investigators will perform a retrospective study to review the data of patients with endometrial cancer in Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Far Eastern Memorial Hospital.


100 patients




20 to 99 years old


No Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion criteria

  • Time interval: from 1991 to date.
  • Comprehensive surgical staging or debulking procedure.
  • All female patients with endometrial cancer who underwent surgery for endometrial cancer at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital.

Exclusion criteria

  • Not comprehensive staging/debulking procedure.
  • Patients who died of postoperative complications within 30 days after surgery were excluded from the survival analysis.

Trial design

100 participants in 1 patient group

cases with endometrial cancer

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