Male Breast Cancer: Understanding the Biology for Improved Patient Care


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Rationale: Gathering medical information and tumor samples from patients with male breast cancer may help doctors learn more about the disease. Purpose retrospective part: to perform a large international retrospective analysis of clinical and biological data of male BC patients treated in the participating centers from 1990 to 2010. Purpose prospective part: to create a registry of men with breast cancer for a period of 30 months (starting early 2014).

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Objectives retrospective part (closed to patients registration in September 2013): To perform a large international joint retrospective analysis of clinical and biological data of male breast cancer (BC) patients treated from 1990 to 2010. To create a database of patient characteristics, disease features, treatments received, and clinical outcomes of a large series of men diagnosed with BC from 1990 to 2010 in centers in Europe and USA. To perform a central pathological review of the corresponding large series of male BC tumors to determine their biologic characteristics and identify relevant prognostic and predictive markers. Objectives prospective part (opened early 2014): To run a prospective registry of all male BC patients (including newly diagnosed) irrespective of the stage and treatment, in the participating institutions for a period of 30 months; collection of FFPE, fresh frozen and blood samples is optional but highly encouraged. Quality of Life sub-study The two parts of this study will provide important information regarding male BC biology and clinical evolution. The collected follow-up information will provide an overview of the current practice in the early and the advanced disease and also offer precious information of the disease evolution in such rare patients' population.


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Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Retrospective part (closed to patients registration):

  • Men with histologically proven invasive breast carcinoma diagnosed since 1990 to 2010.
  • A FFPE tissue sample from the primary tumor (e.g. biopsy or surgery) is mandatory

Prospective part:

All men, with histologically proven invasive breast cancer, newly presenting at the center irrespective of the stage of disease, initial diagnosis date or treatment received.

  • patients cannot be registered in both the retrospective and protective parts of the study
  • patients who newly present at the center in the 3 months prior to center activation are still eligible as long as they were not previously included in the retrospective part of the study
  • Before patient registration, written informed consent must be obtained according to ICH/GCP, and national/local regulations.
  • Collection of left-over FFPE and frozen tumor samples as well as blood is optional.

Both parts:

  • Concomitant DCIS or LCIS are allowed only if invasive cancer is present.
  • Patients should be 18 years or over at the time of diagnosis.
  • The study will accept all stages of disease (e.g. early BC, locally advanced and metastatic disease) independent of the treatment received. Patients with past or concurrent other malignancies are eligible.

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