REDAPT Retrospective-Prospective Modular Stem Study

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Arthroplasties, Hip Replacement


Device: REDAPT Revision Femoral System modular stem

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REDAPT 15-4538-02

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A Retrospective-Prospective Study of REDAPT Revision Femoral System Modular Stem is a post-market, retrospective-prospective, multi-center, single arm, consecutive series study design to provide data on the post market performance and safety of the study device. The study will collect retrospective data from medical records review and prospective data from observations data at 5 and 10 postoperatively clinical visits. There will also be a 7.5 year telephone follow up contact to assess for device status and adverse events.

Full description

The primary purpose of this study is to demonstrate the REDAPT™ Revision Femoral System modular stem cumulative revision rate at 5 years. The secondary purpose of this study is to provide 10 years of safety and performance data on the REDAPT™ Revision Femoral System modular stem in terms of Standard of Care Radiographic Assessment, Harris Hip Sore (if obtained prior to implant), adverse event assessment, whole blood metal ion level assessment for Cobalt and Chromium (only performed if subject if symptomatic with pain, swelling, and/or functional limitation related to the device and/ implant procedure as assessed by the Principal Investigator (PI), and Metal artifact reduction sequence (MARS) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT) will be obtained if metal ion levels of Cobalt and/or Chromium > 7parts per billion (ppb) 140 subjects have been enrolled in the study at 5 clinical study sites around the world. A Clinical Study Report (CSR) will be completed at years 5 and 10.


140 patients




No Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion Criteria:

Retrospective Limited Data Collection/Enrollment Phase:

• Subject has undergone revision hip arthroplasty with the REDAPT™ Revision Femoral System modular stem with implantation from 2012 to the date of Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Ethics Committee (EC) approval ofthe original version 1.0 protocol at the study site.

Retrospective Expanded Data Collection & Prospective Follow-Up Phase:

  • Subject completed limited retrospective data collection phase and willing to consent to expanded retrospective data collection and the prospective phase of the study;
  • Subject is willing and able to participate in required follow-up visits at the investigational site and to complete study procedures.

Exclusion Criteria:Retrospective Limited Data Collection/Enrollment Phase:

• Not applicable

Retrospective Expanded Data Collection & Prospective Follow-Up Phase:

  • Subject, in the opinion of the PI, has an emotional or neurological condition that would pre-empt their ability or willingness to participate in the study including mental illness, mental retardation, drug or alcohol abuse; or
  • Subject is known to be at risk for lost to follow-up, or failure to return for scheduled visits.

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