Study to Evaluate Additional Risk Minimisation Measures (aRMMs) for REBLOZYL Among Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

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Myelodysplastic Syndromes

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This is a non-interventional post-authorization safety study (PASS) employing a cross sectional design to evaluate the effectiveness of the additional risk minimization measures (aRMMs) for REBLOZYL. A survey will be used to measure the knowledge and comprehension of the REBLOZYL aRMMs among European Economic Area (EEA) based healthcare professionals (HCPs). The PASS will be conducted among HCPs in a representative sample of EEA countries where REBLOZYL is commercially available, potentially including Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain. Additional EEA countries may be included, as needed, based on commercial availability and reimbursement status.


187 patients




Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion criteria

  • Healthcare professionals (HCPs) experienced in treatment of haematological diseases who may intend to prescribe REBLOZYL in the participating European countries and were on the target group for dissemination of the additional risk minimization measures (aRMMs).
  • The HCP provides permission to share their responses in aggregate with European Medicines Agency (EMA) or National Competent Authorities (NCAs), if requested.

Exclusion criteria

  • HCPs who previously participated in the cognitive pre-testing of the survey questionnaires to be used for the study.
  • HCPs who have been direct employees of the marketing authorization holder (MAH), the EMA, or the study vendor within the past 5 years.

Trial design

187 participants in 1 patient group

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
The PASS will be conducted among HCPs in a representative sample of EEA countries where REBLOZYL is commercially available. A sample of HCPs from EEA countries who manage care for patients with certain haematologic conditions and who may/do prescribe REBLOZYL will be recruited from the target population of HCPs who were sent the REBLOZYL aRMMs in these countries. The final list of countries to be included may include 1) only countries where reimbursement has been sought and gained, 2) a geographically representative sample (e.g., northern, southern, eastern, and western EU Members States to the degree possible based on the first criteria), 3) a mixture of countries with higher and lower REBLOZYL usage, and 4) other feasibility considerations such as the ability to conduct direct-to-HCP non-market research studies.

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