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Following increased knowledge about climate change and how food production affects greenhouse gas emissions, the interest in vegetarian diets is increasing. In line with this, also vegan diet is becoming more common at all ages, including in young children. But the state of knowledge regarding the effect of this diet on children during infancy and early childhood has been poorly studied and existing literature consists to a large extent of case reports. With the main hypothesis that vegan diet from the introduction of complementary foods causes reduced bio availability of certain micronutrients important for development, the aim of this study is to examine dietary intake and development during the first years of life in a group of children eating vegan diet and compare with a reference group eating mixed diets. In an observational study, investigators plan to include 30 children before the age of 6 months during the years 2021-2026, where the parents have decided to offer their child only vegan food. The children are studied in comparison with a reference group of 30 matched cases regarding growth, nutritional status, and dietary intake. Data collection includes monthly dietary records and blood sample analyses and growth at 6, 12 and 24 months. At the age of 3, cognitive developmental assessment (WPSSI-IV) and an DEXA examination of body composition are performed. The study is expected to contribute to increased knowledge about the risk and benefits of vegan diets and thereby provide a better basis for future recommendations.


60 estimated patients




4 to 8 months old


Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion criteria

  • Planned exclusive vegan diet or mixed diet respectively from 6 months of age until at least 2 years of life
  • Exclusively (>90%) breastfed until 4 months
  • Born term (GE 37+0 - 41+6)
  • Single birth
  • Birth weight >2500 g
  • Apgar score 5 min > 5

Exclusion criteria

* A chronic disease affecting growth or neurodevelopment

Trial design

60 participants in 2 patient groups

Vegan diet
Children fed vegan diet from 6 months of life
Mixed diet
Children fed mixed diet from 6 months of life

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